We will explain during your session how to take the best care of your healing tattoo. This is our well-tried method.

Remove the plastic wrapping after 2-4 hours.
Rinse the tattoo with hot water and a mild soap. Dab the area with a clean towel until it’s dry and let it be.

Rinse it again before going to bed. Dab it dry and put a new piece of plastic wrapping on to protect your tattoo during the night.

Starting the day after, you rinse your healing tattoo morning and evenings with hot water and soap, dab it dry and then put a thin layer of ointment on. We recommend Bepanthen or Aquafor. Remember to always do all of this with clean hands and with ease. Don’t put any plastic on when ointment is applied. Let the tattoo breathe.

Repeat the above step for 3 weeks.
There are a couple of thing to avoid during this period. Don’t scratch the healing tattoo and no swimming, sunbathing or sauna. Keep it clean and protect it with loose clothing if necessary.

When your tattoo is healed it can survive most of things but the sun will always be its number one enemy. Protect it with sunblock and it will look fantastic for many years to come.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Cancel your appointment?

In case you need to cancel your appointment please contact the studio at the latest 48h in advance. We put in a lot of work preparing for your session. Late cancellations will be debited.

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